Water Softeners

The most powerful way to manage & improve
water Quality in home

This stylish and fully automatic softener cleanses every drop of water and making it free of hardness causing calcium and magenisum.

Water Softener Features

Prevents hair fall and 
dry skin

Retains fabric’s 
colors & feel

Prevent damage of 
bathroom fittings 

Saves soaps and

Saves cooking 
gas consumption


Hard water makes it difficult to rinse away soap of your skin leaving it dry and potentially irritated.



Hard water causes scale deposits on metallic surfaces, sinks, tubs, faucets and damages your appliances.



Due to hard water elements your hair becomes frizzy, dull, dry and lifeless even after washing it with conditioners.





Hard water turns your clothes, towels and fabrics rough and dry. It can also negatively affect their appearance.